A Migrant's Son

A Migrant's Son

"A blazing life-force"
The Age

Direct from a sell-out season at Adelaide Cabaret Festival, A Migrant's Son is a true story exploring migration from Greece to Australia during the 1930’s. This extraordinary new work conveys incredible historical events that are brought to life through original compositions, creating a unique and touching account that is both hard-hitting and hilarious.

Written and performed by award winning cabaret star Michaela Burger (Exposing Edith), this is a tale about a man, the son of a poor migrant, who defied all odds and rose above adversity. From early morning deliveries for the family bakery at age seven, down opal mines in Coober Pedy and opening a chain of discount supermarkets, his unrelenting determination to build a successful life is comical and dramatic; as he pushes through like an unstoppable force and is willing to sacrifice everything for his family. 

Featuring traditional instruments, including bouzouki, the show touches deeply on topics of racism, intolerance, judgement and the struggles presented by migration. Spanning nearly 90 years, it presents the audience with a deep appreciation of what Australia has offered migrants of past generations and of today. Through the engagement of community choirs as part of the show, there is also an elevated feeling of community-spirit and diversity.

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"A far-reaching generational story that crosses divides, ignites memories and pulls at your heart-strings...Burger's voice can stir your most deepest and darkest emotions whilst enchanting your aural sensibilities." (Stage Whispers)

"[In] her strikingly original show [Burger] stakes a credible claim to be one of Australia’s leading voices not only in cabaret, but much further afield." 
(The Advertiser)

‘Her song-writing and compositions are a testament to artistry’
(In Daily)

"What makes this show special…Burger has written the songs and music which she sings with such clarity and feeling that you know they come from the heart. They tell a story and it's a good one. It is the story that millions of Australians could relate [to]"
(Australian Stage)

"An exquisitely created production…some of the vocal gymnastics performed on the night were simply mind-blowing"
(Broadway World)

"Burger’s emotionally powered narrative was one the most passionate and heartfelt I’ve seen in any cabaret show"
(Arts Review)

Original music and story by Michaela Burger
Music arranged and produced by Dave Higgins
Musical direction by Carol Young
Directed by Jane Packham
Song development mentoring by Jethro Woodward
Dramaturge Sally Hardy

Image: Claudio Raschella

"An astonishing voice, packed with knockout power and an ability to wrench emotion out of lyrics."
Libel Music, NZ

Exposing Edith

Exposing Edith

"Melbourne hosted outstanding portraits of great singers—Exposing Edith is there with the best."
The Age

From critically acclaimed seasons at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Leicester Square Theatre, Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Festival of Voices, 10 Days On The Island, Fringe World and Auckland International Cabaret Festival, winner Best Cabaret Adelaide Fringe 2016 and nominated for a Helpmann Academy, Exposing Edith charts the tragic life of arguably the greatest French singer of all time, Edith Piaf. Experience her life, loves and losses through the songs that shot her to stardom including La Vie en Rose, Milord and Non, je ne regrette rien.

Created and performed by Michaela Burger [vocals] and Greg Wain [guitar], Exposing Edith is a stunning mix of authentic French chanson and contemporary sounds. Having explored the undertones of Piaf's vocals and lyrics, Burger and Wain have created their own unique interpretations of Piaf’s work, using voice and acoustic guitar and the subtle use of loop, delay and effect pedals.

The songs are punctuated with a collection of extraordinary stories of Piaf’s life which are recounted by Burger, who also takes on a multitude of key characters, from Edith’s half-sister Momone, to several of her lovers and, of course, Edith Piaf herself.

Winner of International Cabaret Contest and nominated for Best Cabaret Fringeworld, Perth, Libbi Gorr, ABC Melbourne called the show “Sublime!”, Glam Adelaide said it was “moving and hypnotic, more than worthy of the standing ovation”, RipitUp reported “absolutely stunning, possibly the closest you’ll get to Piaf in this day and age ” and Kryztoff gave it five stars saying “A brilliant portrayal of [Piaf’s] vulnerability, feistiness, strength and passion...the initially restrained audience were soon drawn into exuberant applause, laughter, cheering and sighing”.

Burger has been dubbed as Australia’s very own ‘little sparrow’ with The Age describing her as “A blazing life force in her evocation of Piaf” and Planet Arts Melbourne stating “an enormously deep and tremendous voice, with a richness of passion. The interpretation is so near to perfect and the resemblance to Piaf so uncanny, I felt tingles down my spine”.

"A blazing life force"
The Age
Libbi Gorr, ABC Melbourne   

"Standing ovations!"
Glam Adelaide


Chanteuse Rose:
The Diminutive Diva

“Highly skilled vocals...excellent grasp of comedy…wonderful knack for characters.”
Adelaide Theatre Guide   
“In contrast to her petite structure,
her voice is colossal.”
Dirt and Candy   

Chanteuse Rosé has just won “Coober Pedy’s Next Top Model” and, with the encouragement of her parents, starts a journey around the world to meet her international relatives and plunge into a world of self-discovery! With some very personal takes on musical theatre and other classics and hilarious moments in-between, she is everything a Diminutive Diva should be: saucy, funny and lovable, with a voice to die for!

Chanteuse Rosé will entertain you with her world of French fantasies, naughty niceties and raucous rallying. But as she takes on the wicked in a tale of bravery, tomfoolery and a clear determination to conquer everything and everyone – despite her size – things aren’t always as they seem! It’s definitely ‘life through Rosé’d coloured glasses’! With Chanteuse Rose, the Diminutive Diva on stage you will be guaranteed a magical hour of music, laughter and love, all delivered with her trademark cheeky smile and many ‘oh, la la’s!



Spinning straw into gold is a party trick that will take you far. It can buy you a big house full of beautiful things, a wardrobe of designer clothes and a life of total luxury, but money, as they say, can’t buy you…

Two people, once best friends, torn apart by desire for the things they cannot have. This is the story of the ultimate price of greed.

The exquisitely mercurial Paul Capsis stars as a shape-shifting imp whose thirst for vengeance may well bring him undone.

He joins the team that brought you award winning Pinocchio, as they take on a new and equally fantastic fairytale, with their unique brand of theatrical spectacular, rocking music and supreme silliness.

Full of twists and turns, it’s a whole new spin on a heart of gold.

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Can You Hear Colour?

Can You Hear Colour?

“Blue-violet rocks, speckled with little grey cubes, highlighted by a bit of… gold, red, ruby, and stars of mauve, black and white.” Composer Olivier Messiaen (describing how a particular chord “looks” in his mind).

What if your paint box sang to you? To some, the key of C major is red, to others definitely white. It’s commonplace to talk about a “colourful” score, but for some it’s literally true. What if you were born with this strange gift? Would your paintings harmonize agreeably or turn into a scary brown discordant mess? And how would you feel if the colours on the notes of your xylophone were all “wrong”?

Patch Theatre Company‘s new piece, conceived by Naomi Edwards and composed by Alan John, is an exploration of what music is and an invitation to take time to listen, learn from those who inhabit unfamiliar worlds, and experience life in new ways. Join your kids on an imaginative adventure, a joyous and kaleidoscopic little “opera” featuring the splendid vocals of Michaela Burger (Rumplestiltskin) and Bethany Hill (Saul). You’ll come out humming the rainbow.

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Cranky Bear
Patch Theatre Company

National Tour as Lion/Sheep character.

Zebra, Lion and Moose each think they know how to solve the Bear’s crankiness but their shenanigans just make him even crankier! It takes a humble and empathetic Sheep with an open heart and listening ear to solve the Bear’s woes.

Cranky Bear is a rollicking new show by Patch Theatre Company for 4 – 8 year olds packed with laughter, surprise and mayhem.

18 June-6 Aug Cranky Bear