exposing edith


"... Burger is in fine form, after the first few minutes her voice strong and her hand gestures always creative and new. The seeming simplicity of the production ensures the emotional impact of the songs … For all lovers of French music, Piaf and her life Exposing Edith is certainly one sparrow that flies.”

Adelaide Theatre Guide

The almost-as-diminutive-as-the-woman-she's-honouring Michaela Burger is simply amazing in her renditions of Piaf's biggest numbers. Accompanied on guitar by Greg Wain, the pair all-but blow the roof off La Boheme... Burger's capacity for storytelling matches her passion for Piaf's life, and her strong stage presence makes her stories about the star's fascinating life captivating...While this show might take on a standard format, it is anything but standard in its realisation."

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